Bintumani Org. and Choithram perform free pediatric surgeries

Bintuman Organisation headed by Dr Morley Wright is in town to perform free pediatric surgeries at the Choithram Memorial Hospital where they intend to do about 80 to 100 surgeries in their two weeks stay in Freetown. Mr Harish Agnani, Head of Choithram Memorial Hospital, informed newsmen that a team of medical personnel from Germany, are currently offering two weeks free paediatric treatment for children within the ages of 5 to 16 years old at the hospital. The exercise started from the 28th February 2020 and will end on the 12th March 2020. Mr Agnani also intimated that the team performs about eight to 10 surgical operations a day and they start work from 7:30 am and ends at 6:30pm. He said they intend to target up to 100 patients but will deal with the number they are able to do based on the severity of cases. Present also were some members of the team from Germany headed by Dr. Morley Wright, which also included Dr. Ibrahim Al-Naieb, Dr. Tilman, Dr Esther Lau, Dr Sara Al-Naieb, Dr. Kathrin Ruesse, Mrs Esther Kaeuffler and Mrs Madeleine Martin. Dr Wright said Bintumani DSL in Germany and Choithram Memorial Hospital have been collaborating over the years to roll out the Free Paediatric Camps, which is funded through donations solicited in Germany and out of what is raised is what they use to fund the organization of these camps and procure equipment that they use in their work. He said the first week they operated 43 cases and did follow-up treatments. Dr Wright said when they return the Choithram staff will take control to do follow-up cases. Dr Wright said before their arrival, Choithram hospital had issued a press release for children who need surgeries to report at the hospital where screening is done to prepare the major cases for surgery “We do select cases which we are aware we can treat meaning that we do not treat all types of complication,” he stated. He explained that they had a case that they were unable to operate in town so they appealed for the surgery to be done in Germany and they had a hospital that did it free for the boy, who he said is back home doing well after the facial surgery was done. It was disclosed that the Free Pediatric Camp started since 2014 and the beneficiaries do not pay a single cent. They are fed and given free medicines until completion of their treatment. According to Dr. Wright since the commencement of the free medical camp more than 500 cases have been dealt with in the country and majority have been successful. On his part, Dr. Ibrahim Al-Naieb, a member of the team stated that they are happy to work here in Sierra Leone by offering free medical treatment to children. He warmly commended the Management of Choithram Memorial Hospital for what he termed as doing a marvelous and fantastic work. Mr Agnani averred that within the past two months the hospital has made progress citing the expansion of the reception area saying it was small to accommodate the growing number of people who come to the hospital and assured that work will be completed in few months’ time. He also disclosed how they have shipped equipment worth $250,000 including beds, ventilators, X-ray machines etc. and also revealed that they decided to construct a reservoir because of water shortage and they will be able to harvest water during the rains to be used for cleaning purposes. Gowrinath M. George, Medical Superintendent of Choithram Hospital also said the offer of the free treatment is part of their Corporate Social Responsibility as an institution, adding that the free screening and treatment is geared towards providing quality treatment.

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