Commission of Inquiry Former Deputy Trade Minister’s mum testifies

Irine Mansaray, the mother of the former Deputy Minister of Trade and Industry,  Ibrahim Washingai Mansaray, noted while she was in America, she used to send money for the construction of her son’s house at Mile 13. She was testifying before Commissioner Biobele Georgewill of the Commission of Inquiry at the former Special Court compound on Thursday 21st November 2019. According to Mansaray, she is currently residing in the boy’s quarters of the property after returning from the US. Her son was living in a small room in the main unfinished house. She told the Commission some officials from Anti Corruption Commission (ACC), the Sierra Leone Police and other institutions visited the house and took photographs of it. She added that few days later, she received a call from her son after leaving the house at 7am, that Police officers are into the property including a police  superintendent. “I spoke to the superintendent, who told me to inform my son that they need to see the documents of the house.” The witness said she informed her son, who linked her to his lawyer few days ago. Mansaray said three Police officers were assigned to the house on a daily basis  and they stayed for two weeks under strict monitoring. She confirmed to the Commission that her son started construction of the house in 2009, before he became Deputy Minister, adding that a lot of money has been invested in the house by her son and herself. “I used to send money and goods to my husband whilst I was in the US for the construction of that house. And up to this point the house is  still unfinished.”

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