Community ownership protects tourist sites

Prior to the coronavirus outbreak, the Government met with several communities about how to make major tourist sites owned by communities themselves. The people of River Number Two community took control of their beach and used proceeds to develop their community. The National Tourist Board has confirmed that communities have got more interests to protect the beaches and other tourist sites across the country to enable community ownership. Kai Boakai Saquee is the Communication Officer for the National Tourist Board. He said despite the fact that net casting has been ongoing they have been constantly reminding the fishing communities to be mindful of marine species. He said the sector has been a strong multiplier that has suffered the greatest hit by coronavirus. They are expecting a boom after the disease, which is why local community ownership of tourist sites was timely. They are presently supervising and directing them. Saquee said the Ministry and the Board as part of the post COVID-19 plans are marketing a Tourist Generation Regions (TGR) showcasing the potential and reality on the ground that might attract tourists. The Communication Officer said they are also engaging players in the sector to present the right messages to their clients and potential customers stressing that despite the fact that business is poor presently as a result of coronavirus, they are obliged to maintain standards, rebrand and package their businesses well.


By Mohamed Kabba