Court discharge 2 women accused of stealing a child

At the Siaka Stevens Street High Court in Freetown on Tuesday 3rd March 2020, Justice Komba Kamanda discharged two women, Fatmata Mansaray and Mary Kumba, who were accused of stealing a child in Waterloo in 2016. The two women had been at the Correctional Centre for almost four years. Since their committal at the High Court, no indictment was served on them. Defense counsel from the Sierra Leone Legal Aid Board, Sonia Bobanie-Brown, filed an application for the women to be brought before the court without indictment in March 2019. Since they were brought before the court, the State prosecutors have been asking the court for adjournments stating they were making effort to ensure that an indictment be prepared for them. On Tuesday, the defense counsel pleaded with the Judge to discharge the women. The State prosecutor wanted more time, the Judge refused to afford him more adjournments. He noted the series of excuses he had received from the prosecution stating that the women were entitled to their liberty. The Judge discharged the two women.


By Edna Browne-Dauphine

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