COVID-19 infections reach over 10.2m globally

Coronavirus is continuing its spread across the world, with more than 10, 293,860 confirmed cases in 213 countries and territories. More than half a million people have lost their lives from the virus according to John Hopkins University. Among the over 10.2 million infections globally, Sierra Leone has recorded over 1,427 with 60 deaths. According to the latest statistics, 5,586,442 people have recovered from the scourge globally, of which 943 are from Sierra Leone.

The United State has recorded the highest number of infections with 2,640,080 or about 25% of the global total according to figures collated by Johns Hopkins University, followed by Brazil with 2,640,080.  505,506 people have lost their lives from the pandemic in America, while 128,461 are from Brazil, the second highest infectious country in the world.

In Africa, South Africa has recorded the highest number of infections – 138,134 of which 2,456 have lost their lives, followed by Egypt with 65,188 infections and 2,789 deaths.            Saint Pierre Miquelon (a French archipelago south of the Canadian island of Newfoundland) has been the least affected nation with only one confirmed case so far, followed by Anguilla and St Barth (French West Indies), with 3 and 6 cases respectively.

Africa has recorded 382,730 confirmed coronavirus cases; Asia has recorded 2,172,420, the America continent 5, 136,580 and 9,259 cases from the Oceanic Continent. With regards to the number of deaths, Africa has recorded 9,660, Asia-54,177, America-246,508, Europe-191,077and Oceania-133 deaths.

Globally, the true number of cases is thought to be much higher than the reported figures, as many people with milder symptom have not been tested and counted.

By Mohamed J. Bah