Francess FC organises training for coaches and players

Kenema based football club Francess FC has organised a capacity building training for its players and management at the Rendezvous Guest House in Kenema. The training attracted football stakeholders from the region and district to discuss key aspects of the game. The club’s deputy CEO, Mohamed CF Kallon, said the training aims to provide a platform where the players and technical team can add to their knowledge of football management and discipline, the revised laws of the game, the rules and regulations of FA competitions among others.

Kallon said it is important to build their players’ capacity with more knowledge of the game, and emphasised the need to maintain discipline in and out of the pitch to safeguard the club’s reputation and make them a force to be reckoned with. “Our plan is not only to participate in competitions within the district, but to represent this district both at national and international levels”, he added. Ansumana Kallon, Francess FC Head Coach, called the training a first of its kind, adding that his knowledge of the game and his boys has been significantly expanded.

Skipper Ansu Mansaray disclosed this is the first time in his career witnessing a training of this calibre, stating that ignorance of the rules and regulations of the game among players is one of the key factors for bringing the game to disrepute, and urged his compatriots to make good use of the knowledge gained.