Hon Emerson Lamina donates motorbikes to youth

Honourable Saa Emerson Lamina of Constituency 030 in Kono District has donated four motorbikes for administrative use and income generation for women traders and the Kono youth. The Kono Bike Riders Union and Women Executives of Constituency 030 are the beneficiaries. This is the sixth bike donated to the Executive of Constituency 030 by Honourable Lamina for the benefactors to use to generate funds to address some of their members’ welfare issues. Councilors Moiba Missah and Juliet Mambu lauded the Honourable’s efforts, noting “he has been there for his constituents ever since he was elected into office in 2018”.

The bike riders’ chairman, who doubled as the chairman of the donation ceremony, Mohamed Koroma outlined the myriad of developments Hon. Lamina undertook in the interest of the Kono Bike Riders Union (KBRU) while he was Mayor of Koidu City, which he said ranges from public toilet to cash donations among others. “Hon. Lamina has always stood by KBRU in our good and bad times”, the KBRU chairman said, adding Lamina was very instrumental in securing the release of their colleagues held in police custody for petty traffic misdemeanors.

He pledged total KBRU support to the Honourable.

In his goodwill message to the beneficiaries, the Hon. Member indicated that the KBRU stands tall among the lot of youth-led organizations in the district, maintaining that through the KBRU, an estimated 65% of youth in the district are contributing positively to the socioeconomic improvement of life in a district that depends on mining, agriculture, and trade for livelihood. “The bike riders as a union, an organization is facilitating jobs for youths in the district and this is going a long way in mitigating the incidences of crime and other anti-social threats to the security of the district”.

He stressed for tolerance among the youth in every sphere of life.

By Mohamed J. Bah