How Recent Flooding in Freetown left A Top Sierra Leonean DJ, DJ Kallox With Huge Setbacks

Following the two recent destructive flooding in Freetown that destroyed lives and properties, and left many people displaced or homeless, a top Sierra Leonean DJ was a victim. Two successive floods hit the residence of DJ Kallox in Conga Wata, Wellington East of Freetown. It first happened on Friday 2nd August 2019, followed by a more destructive one on the 15th August 2019. The floodings overwhelmed and destroyed everything he had in his apartment. The water flooded the rooms, sitting room, bathroom and kitchen up to window level, approximately 3 ft high, destroying all properties like refrigerator, TV, chairs, beddings, foams, cloths, sneakers, computers, and many other important stuffs. All thanks to the neighbourhood who came to his rescue by draining or emptying the flooded apartment in order to stop further destruction to the walls. We have seen the magnitude of this destruction in a viral social media video that showed how the DJ was battling with the flood.

DJ Kallox is heartbroken, homeless, and completely devastated at the moment. He would have to start all over again to replace the destroyed properties worth over Le 100,000,000 (One Hundred Million Leones). Thank God for his safety and those of others in the apartment. One may want to blame him for being affected twice in less than a month. The apartment in question was built by Kallox years back, and he has been living there ever since. It was due to some activities of the neighbouring community or houses which led a drainage to divert to his compound. Now, Kallox can only save his compound if he can raise the over Le 50,000,000 needed to construct a retaining wall to control or further divert the drainage to a safer and main runway. He is still living with friends around. There is nothing he can do now. Ibrahim Kalokoh aka DJ Kallox is a household name in the entertainment arena, after working for the industry for well over 15 years as a DJ, from the then SLBS  (now SLBC), to Citizens Radio, to Eagle FM. He has spotted and promoted talents from grass to grace. He is the founding member and first President of the Sierra Leone DJs Union  (SLeDU), a multi awards winning DJ who has dedicated his life to promote 100% Salone music. But how much has the entertainment industry done to support this humble servant at these trying times? This writer shed tears when he visited and saw the magnitude of the destruction of amazing, hardworking and selfless DJ’s apartment. This is the time the entertainment industry and goodwill Sierra Leoneans should stand in solidarity with a hardworking and dedicated Sierra Leonean. He needs us more than before. Let’s show him love and celebrate him when he is alive. Don’t wait for his obituary and start saying how good he was. Let us do that now. He is a legend in this industry. When I asked him on the reactions of the industry stakeholders, he said not much, only few managed to reach him out. He feels neglected so far. We are never too late to intervene and help him out of this pathetic situation.