Mines Committee calls Seawright Mining Company to order

Members of the Mines and Mineral Resources in the Sierra Leone Parliament have told the Seawright Mining Company to work in close touch with the MPs in its areas of operation in order to solve concerns that had been raised by some community people about the activities of the company. The call was made recently during a site visit by the MPs in the Mines and Mineral Resources Committee to the work camp of the Seawright Mining Company in Sewafeh Town, Nimiyama Chiefdom in Kono District. The visit according to MPs in the mines committee was to have a firsthand experience as to the work and activities of the company. The Committee’s visit specifically centered on different standards of operation like safety measures, the implementation of the local content policy in terms of employment, environmental safety, tax compliance, payment of surface rent to land owning families and observance of cooperate social responsibility in the company’s area of operation, among others. Recently, the Member of Parliament for Constituency 018 in Gorama Mende Chiefdom Kenema District, one of the concessional areas of the Seawright Mining Company, Honorable Hafiju Maada Kanja complained the company to Parliament, raising a serious of concerns that relate to the unpalatable relationship between the locals and the company. According to Hon. Kanja, some people of Constituency 018 were not happy with the activities of the Seawright Mining Company and that the company was not performing it cooperate social responsibilities in its Kenema concession. The Chairman for the Mines and Mineral Committee Honourable Saa Emerson Lamina said the visit of the committee was not there to witch haunt the company on issues raised against them, but to carry out its constitutional mandate and to see that the mining sector operates in accordance with laid down procedures.

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