NMJD support DiCOVERCs

Network Movement for Justice and Development (NMJD) has supported the District Coronavirus Disease Emergency Response Centres (DiCOVERCs) with food and non-food items to boost their operations, and support the communities to effectively prevent themselves against the coronavirus. The donations, funded by the Canadian Catholic Organisation for Development and Peace (D&P) to complement government’s efforts in the COVID-19 fight, included 50kg bags of rice, onions, gallons of cooking oil, hand washing materials, face masks, among others.

The distribution started with Moyamba District and proceeded to others. According to Social Mobilisation Manager, Eric B. Jumu of the Bo DiCOVERC, although the BO treatment centre was ready to host patients, it was yet to commence operation due to lack of basic needs to facilitate their operations. “I want to thank NMJD for being the first NGO to donate to our treatment centre. I want to assure you that the donation will be used for its intended purpose. As we said, there had been a lot when treatment was done, maybe, in 34, Jui and Lungi. Our people who proved positive here were taken to those treatment centres and we saw the anguish on their faces. And their fear of the possibility of return was great so the treatment centre we have, we are now pushing to have a lab so that even testing can be done here”.

Presenting the items to the Moyamba DiCOVERC, Emmanuel Gbondo, Project Officer NMJD said, the gesture came as a result of needs assessment done in the communities by the Community Administrator attached to the district, during which they realised there was need to support some quarantine homes and the communities in the district. Receiving the items, Joseph Kaindoh, Coordinator DiCOVERC, applauded NMJD for the support to his district, noting that there were indeed quarantine residents from the district and targeted communities, but they were all discharged earlier this month. “We are very grateful to NMJD for thinking about our district. Indeed there were quarantine homes here as your needs assessment rightly proves, but they have just been discharged earlier this month, and fortunately we didn’t lose any life from there”.

Theresa Dick, Public Relations Officer Moyamba DiCOVERC, said the banners printed by NMJD conformed to the National Coronavirus Emergency Response Centre designed messages hence qualify to be displayed in communities. At the distribution of food and non-food items in Mokanji, Lower Banta Chiefdom, Moyamba District, Town Chief Henry S. Johnny said this was their first time receiving such gifts from any organisation since the outbreak of the virus.

“This is the first time we are receiving such gestures from any organisation including the government so we are very happy that this organisation has continued to be with us to ensure that the mining communities do the right thing. And now during this problem, they are here to ensure that we are safe”.

By Mohamed J. Bah