Salone to be affected by Oxfam job cuts

Oxfam International has announced that it will lay off almost 1,450 staff across the world and Sierra Leone will be affected by this cut. Oxfam will also close operations in 18 countries – including Afghanistan where it has worked for 50 years, after it emerged that the global aid organisation had been bleeding cash during the coronavirus crisis. The agency has seen its funding model hit by an accumulation of crises. Still suffering from a fall in donations from the public in the UK because of the Haiti sex abuse scandal, and heavily dependent on its shops in a number of European countries – to the tune of £5m a week – Oxfam’s other sources of funding had also begun drying up. Oxfam Australia had already made deep cuts earlier this month, while cuts in the UK to Oxfam GB were also foreseen. Oxfam currently operates in 66 countries and 20 affiliates. It will retain a physical presence in 48 countries, six of which it will explore as new independent affiliate members. On top of the wide-scale restructuring announced on Wednesday, insiders say they expect more job cuts in the coming weeks, including at Oxfam’s Oxford headquarters. Oxfam said the move will affect about 1,450 out of nearly 5,000 programme staff, and 700 of its 1,900 partner organisations. “I would like to place on record my deepest thanks to our staff and the brilliant work they have achieved in helping the people and communities we work with improve their lives,” said Oxfam International’s interim executive director Chema Vera. He added: “The organisational changes we have announced today, combined with further phases of transformation in the months ahead, will be the foundation for our future over the coming decade as the longer-term effects of this devastating pandemic become clearer.” As part of the cuts Oxfam will shut down its country offices in Thailand, Afghanistan, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Tajikistan, Haiti, Dominican Republic, Cuba, Paraguay, Egypt, Tanzania, Sudan, Burundi, Rwanda, Sierra Leone, Benin, Liberia and Mauritania.