SAVO boosts veteran soldiers, families across three barracks

Salone American Veterans Organisation (SAVO) yesterday Thursday made historic donations across three military barracks and also the Veteran soldiers in the city. Addressing families of soldiers and the veterans, coordinator of SAVO Richard Hindolo Senesie said that he was a soldier in the United States Army and also fought in Afghanistan. He said they decided to come to the aid of the families of soldiers and the veterans because they know that they will not have the facilities that they have in United States, so all of them that have served or are still serving in the United States have come together to help their colleagues in Sierra Leone. “Because we have served in a military under a country that respects and take care of their own, we have decided that the little that we have we will extend to you to help you in this challenging period.” Mr Senesie said they went to 7th Battalion where they donated 400 face masks and a hand washing mechanism to help the families of the soldiers stay safe. He said the soldiers have been provided facial masks by the military and their families are finding it very hard to buy. “We replicated this same gesture at Murray Town Barracks where 500 masks and the hand washing mechanism and at Wilberforce we handed over 600 masks and the hand washing mechanism to them all. We want the families to be safe and they must make use of the masks and hand washing mechanism so that they will help the government in cutting the spread of the virus.” Mr Senesie said they hope that what they have donated will be appreciated as they have spent about Le30 million to procure these items. He said they formed this organization in 2015 and they have many members who are in America. He said they have decided to give food items and masks to them to the veterans who are facing challenges, to help them continue to live a better life. “Because we care for them we have decided to donate 60 bags of rice, 60 gallons of oil, 10 cartoons Sardines, three cartoons of Jumbo maggi and 200 facial masks. These gifts are specifically for the veterans and we want them to improve their lives as we understand what they are going through.” The Commanding Officer of the Wilberforce Barracks Lt. Col. Abdul Keita thanked the members of SAVO and said the hand washing mechanism and face masks have come at the right time because he said very soon anybody without a mask will not leave or enter the barracks. He thanked them and said he hopes they will continue to work with them in the future and praise them for thinking of their colleagues who do not have the facilities or opportunities they have in America. The veterans that were present at Hockey Pitch were happy to receive the gifts and their leader Mr Jalloh spoke on their behalf as he thanked SAVO for all what they have done and hope they will not stop but continue to support them in the future.