SEN, Body of Christ in Supernatural breakthrough crusade

The Strategic Evangelical Network (SEN) in collaboration with the Body of Christ is organising a four day supernatural power breakthrough crusade at the Siaka Stevens Stadium beginning tomorrow Thursday 12th to 15th March starting at 5.30pm daily. The General Overseer of the Flaming Evangelical Ministries (FEM) whose ministry is organizing the crusade Bishop Dr Abu Koroma said for over 30 years he has been organizing crusades across four continents, but this one will be extraordinary to the people of Sierra Leone as they would be fasting and praying for a revival in Sierra Leone. “The reason why I have been organizing these crusades is not only to preach the word of God but to also help people transform their lives. Few years ago when I preached in one of my crusades at the stadium I had a revelation from the Almighty to call out prostitutes. Many of them came out and I prayed for them and eventually started to help them in different diversities. Today most of them have forgotten about prostitution and some of them are now construction workers, drivers and secretaries.” He said he has changed many lives and that is what will happen beginning tomorrow at the stadium as lives will be changed spiritually and physically because God is alive and will want to visit Sierra Leone at this particular time when the economy is challenging. Bishop Abu Koroma said that this crusade, even though they are taking the lead they have reached out to many other denominations including the Anglicans, Baptists, Methodist both Sierra Leone and West Africa, the Catholics and many of the Charismatic’s and Pentecostals as they all have agreed to make this crusade a huge success for the revival of Sierra Leone. The Chairman of SEN Dr Cornelius Max-Williams said this crusade is one of many crusades they have been doing and in the months to come they will be visiting other countries like Senegal, Kenya, Ghana, Liberia and Guinea. He said Bishop Koroma and wife have been doing great things in the nation as they have not only been preaching the gospel but they have been helping people like donating food supply to Blind School and constructing their gate, building schools, has opened a radio station called Voice of Hope and opening up an Orphanage where children have been well taken care of, as well as giving scholarships to students that are in need. Dr Max-Williams said this is an opportunity for Sierra Leoneans to go to the stadium to receive their blessings as well as see the unity of Christians as they will come together to win souls and change the status quo of Sierra Leone. Another member of SEN Rabbi Tamba Eric M’bayo said during the crusade they will organize a two day training programme at the Flaming Church on Friday and Saturday for Church leaders and they are looking forward to those that want to improve their teaching and preaching skills. “Transport will be provided for the elderly, physically challenged, pregnant women and lactating mothers as they are the ones that will find it very difficult to reach the stadium. Transport will be from Waterloo, Hamilton IMATT on to the Stadium daily so that these set of people will reach the stadium. Elder Bowenson Philips said they are expecting guests from across the world to grace the crusade and they are coming because they have heard about the miracles in other crusades and they too will be coming for their own miracles. He urged all Sierra Leoneans to be part of the history making beginning tomorrow Thursday at the Siaka Stevens Stadium.

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