Sierra Leone News: Government cancels SL Mining license

The Ministry of Mines and Minerals on Wednesday announced the cancellation of SL Mining Limited license for several breaches contrary to the Mines and Minerals Act of the country, but the company says the purported cancellation is contrary to applicable law. “In spite of several requests made to SL Mining to remedy the breaches, and several meetings directed at enlisting the company’s compliance with the Mines and Minerals Act, 2009, and the Mining Lease Agreement of 2017, SL Mining failed, refused and remained unwilling to remedy the breaches and comply with the terms of the Act and the Agreement,” the Ministry of Mines said in a statement issued on Wednesday. “Government is taking steps to ensure that SL Mining meets all outstanding liabilities to employees and local suppliers/creditors and assures the public of its commitment to ensure that all Sierra Leoneans derive maximum benefits from our mineral resources,” the statement concluded. The Government’s purported cancellation is contrary to applicable law, the parties’ contract and the Government’s international treaty obligations. SL mining said in a statement sent to Awoko

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