Sierra Leone News: President Bio opens $2 million hospital

President Bio has opened the two million United States dollar Emergency Obstetric and Newborn Care Centers (EmONC) at King Harman road in Freetown Thursday 17th October 2019. The project which includes the construction of 68 beds with provision for outpatients, comprehensive health care, access to high quality health care, among others facilities for Obstetrics, gynecologists, pediatrics, and well equipped laboratories with blood bank, Ultra sound and X-Ray services, was funded by the British government through DfID and the UNFPA implemented the project. President Bio recalled that he told parliament in 2018 that the strategic objective of the health sector in his government is to transform the under-resourced, unequipped, miss-functional and inadequate health infrastructure and health care delivery system. He said his government will make it most efficient, reliable, cost attractive, affordable and sustainable by ensuring they increase quality health services for women, children and the aged. President Bio said government has made significant contributions to improve national health care service from inadequate human resources to a massive increase in the number of health staff across the country to 4,000 with an increase in the allocated budget to the sector from 8.9 to 11.6% of the country’s GDP.

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