SLRA estimates govt. road liability at Le7 trillion

Director General of the Sierra Leone Roads Authority (SLRA), Ing. Amara Kanneh has revealed that they are implementing 40 projects, of which some have been completed, others ongoing and all of these contracts have been signed. “That is why we say government has a liability of Le7 trillion. Some of the roads are funded by government and others are donor funded. The government roads are truck or urban roads within the township” said Ing. Kanneh. The DG was responding to a technical question asked by a Budget Bureau Staff Jacob T. Senesie on the total liabilities on government. His question was that he sees a Le2 trillion liability for FY 2020 in their Budget presentation document and he wanted to know if it is a spread going forward. “If you say the government has to undertake a total liability on roads for Le2 trillion, our target for 2020 with regards to revenue is Le6.5 trillion, and you take that figure out, you consider debt servicing that is almost going to a trillion, salaries, PAYE and other government expenditure is a challenge” he said. He then requested the Authority to provide the Ministry of Finance with a detailed analysis of the roads that have been completed which are no longer a burden to government and those that are ongoing and can be captured as expenditure for 2020 as well as the ones that are ongoing which should have been paid this year and have been carried forward. “If you have that analysis I think it will guide us better. I also don’t know even the status of the MoU roads, the last time I asked from the perspective of SLRA let the contractors tell them what we have paid so that we can reconcile with what we have … up till now I have not seen that document” he said.

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