To be a member of NSA we must register as a Corporate entity

The Chief Executive Member of Sierra Leone Cricket Association, Francis Samura, said to be a member of the National Sport Authority (NSA) the Association must register as a corporate entity and present the certificate to the NSA to qualify as a member. He revealed approving this constitution, the association will now be called SLCA pty Ltd. This is in line with provisions of the new sport policy that all associations must register as a corporate entity with the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC). The Anti-Doping and Anti-Corruption codes of 2019, which were approved by members in February, must be legislated as demanded by the ICC with a 2nd June deadline. He also stated that gender equality is also one of the features of the new constitution as demanded by the ICC. According to Ibrahim Turay, the National Sports Authority Act of 2017 is what all sporting Associations are governed with within Sierra Leone and no longer the Sports Council Act of 1964.