Two Dead in New England Ville Fire Disaster

A blazing fire on Tuesday 10th September 2019 engulfed a two bed-room zinc house at No. 22c Smart Lane New England Ville killing two people and destroying Millions of Leones worth of property. A grand mother and her 2 year old grand –daughter died in the fire as they could not escape due to the smoke. “I was washing clothes behind the house in the afternoon, when I heard   something fall with a loud noise inside the house. When I turned to look, I saw smoke coming from inside the house. I tried to go round to see what was going on but I was blocked by a plume of thick black smoke” said Saffie Freeman, a sister-in-law of the deceased. She said that three children escaped the flames but the little girl clung to her grandmother and they both perished in the ragging flames. “Even though the other children tried to escape with the little girl she refused to leave holding unto her grandma until the end “added Freeman.

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