Woman remanded for allegedly pouring hot soup on friend

On Tuesday 28th July 2020, Aminata Karim was arraigned before Magistrate Mark Ngegba of Court No. 2 on Pademba Road on three counts of assault. The police allege that on Thursday 23rd June 2020, at No. 3 Off College Road, Congo Cross in Freetown, the accused caused grievous bodily harm to Umu Kondoba contrary to Section 18 of the Offences Against the Persons Act 1861.The accused also maliciously wounded and assaulted Kondoba contrary to Sections 20 and 47 of the said Act. State Counsel J.M.S Bull, leading the witness in evidence in chief, asked complainant Kondoba to tell the court what happened. Obliging, Umu, a secretary at the Connaught hospital, recounted how she and the accused had “a joking relationship”, adding her son and the accused live in the same compound.

She said she made a joke to the accused after work on a particular day that offended her, but the matter was resolved after she apologised. She said not long after, her son reported that the accused’s daughter had assaulted him. Hoping for the issue not to be repeated, she said she confronted the accused, who replied that she should never talk to her again. Kondoba said a female resident advised the accused to report her to the police, testifying that after work on 23rd July 2020, she decided to make a complaint to the female resident’s husband. While making her complaint, she revealed mentioning the accused’s name, which resulted to her being insulted by the accused.

She said she was cooking cassava leaves at that point when the accused approached and accosted her. She resorted to slapping the accused, who was restricting her movement by holding on to her clothes. She said the accused went to the kitchen, stirred her soup, brought it out and poured it on her, from head to toe. At this juncture, she lifted her clothes and revealed the damaged skin, causing the court to exhale at the sight of her injury. The accused, who had no legal representation, asked the complainant if she has witnesses to corroborate her story. She responded in the affirmative.

Magistrate Ngegba denied the accused bail and subsequently remanded her to the Female Correctional Centre.

The case continues on 31st July 2020.

By David Thoronka