A call to MOS and NSA for the resumption of all sporting disciplines 

The Public Relations Officer of the Coaches Association, Daniel A. Conteh, has said while the fight against the coronavirus pandemic is still ongoing, in roads are being made to salvage the situation. “Hence as a nation we will continue to be resilient in fighting this pandemic together until it’s no more,” he said. He noted that current statistics shows that the country is recording lesser cases day by day as compared to the months of May when cases were on the upward trend. “Now, patients in recovery rooms are quickly recovering. This is a very great step,” he exclaimed.

As a result of this improvement, he said government has reopened universities and colleges, religious houses, the airport, and the commencement of schools for examination classes. Conteh said it is clear that the above sectors are now allowed to operate as a result of the constant and successful engagements they have had with NACOVERC and their supervisory bodies including, Ministries, Departments and Agencies (MDAs) that are mandated to supervise their operations.

Also, the Ministry of Social Welfare held countless number of consultations with the Inter Religious Council to map out preventive measures for the reopening of religious houses, even though it initially proved to be futile, he said, adding, “However, the government reached a decision to do the needful”. He said it could be recalled that on 17th March 2020, the Ministry of Sports placed a ban on all sporting related activities as a result of the COVID-19 outbreak.

“Be that as it may, the Ministry of Sport and the National Sport Authority have yet to come out with plans for the resumption of sporting activities amid the COVID-19 scourge in the country. It’s sacrosanct that the MOS and NSA are the supervisory bodies for all sporting disciplines in Sierra Leone.” As supervisory bodies, it is the belief by many that the MOS and NSA should also be putting plans in place to emulate the timely moves by the aforementioned MDAs for the resumption of sporting activities in the country, he said.

To this end, “as a football coach and on behalf of all athletes, coaches, referees and key stakeholders in the sport sector across the country, resumption of all sporting activities backed up with COVID-19 guidelines for these sporting disciplines cannot be overemphasised at this time when athletes, players, coaches, referees and other stakeholders who are involved in these disciplines are struggling to make ends meet.” BT/7/8/2020