Accused incarcerated over store breaking

Magistrate Mark Ngegba of the Pademba Road Magistrate Court No.2 has on Tuesday 5 November 2019, remanded Hassan Moyiba at the Male Correctional Centre for alleged store breaking and Larceny. According to the Police that on Monday 7 October 2019, the accused Hassan Moyiba broke and entered into the store and premises of Aminata Koroma at Siaka Stevens Streets and stole properties worth millions of Leone. He was charged with the offence of store breaking and larceny contrary to section 24 of the Larceny Act of 1916. Amongst the items, the accused alleged stole were tiles, washing hand basing, footwear’s and a host of other item’s. Testifying in Court, the Complainant Aminata Koroma said, that the accused was staying with her at her residence in Siaka Stevens Street ,occupying one of the rooms. She said on the date in question, she opened one of her rooms  and discovered that most of her properties in the rooms have gone missing and the place was heavily ransacked. The witness said , she informed the accused about the situation, but noted that  he  was quick to distance himself from the situation. Koroma furthered that based on what had happened in one of her rooms, she proceeded immediately to  inspect  the store, where she also discovered that the padlock in the store has been damaged and theft had entered  and stole  huge amount of goods.

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