ACE facilitator meets NOC President

Lovelace William John, a Sierra Leonean working for an international organization: Athlete Cities and Events (ACE) facilitator two, has met with the president of the National Olympic Committee (NOC) Henry Moore.
Speaking to Awoko Sports about the visit, Lovelace said he wanted to see how as a Sierra Leonean he could help some of the sporting disciplines in the country through the NOC.
He also mentioned that the main reason why he also visited NOC’s president was to find out why Sierra Leone did not take part in the last All African Games, and also to help Sierra Leone take part in such competitions in the future.        
Lovelace William John also revealed during the meeting that during their stay in Freetown he was able to find out most of the internal problems that were affecting most of the sporting disciplines in the country.
He mentioned further that, “ACE is an organization that is seeking the welfare of suffering disciplines nationwide and most of the time working with the athletes directly,” adding that he had known most of the problems facing the various disciplines but assured NOC’s president that ACE would look into some of these problems.
In response, NOC’s president Moore said they had tried their best to solve some of these problems brought before them.
He appealed to Lovelace under ACE and other sporting organizations worldwide to assist Sierra Leone in whatever way possible.