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When the snow finally came, there was a lot of pre-panic moves by government and education authorities. Federal employees were dismissed four hours early from work and schools let off students two hours earlier than the regular closing time. Although there was reduced panic buying by housewives to store up in case the winter weather condition gets worse, things got a little better as the snow fall out was manageable. January has earned the nickname “Divorce month” both in domestic and legal circles as many couples wait until just after the holiday season to file for divorce. It has been proven to be the most stressful period of the year not just emotionally but financially as well.
Courts see a spike in divorce filings and legal experts say it’s not exactly the most cheerful way to ring in the New Year. If couples, especially those with children, have started to consider divorce before the holidays, they make a point of staying married through the end of the year so their family can have one last holiday season together before they split. For decades, the divorce rate has hovered around 50 percent. According to studies, money problems in the marriage are the number one cause of divorce. The financial and emotional toll of a divorce can debilitate families.

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