Alleged Mount Aureol sex offender arraigned in court

Mohammed Sesay, a 35-year old man from Kokoloko, Mount Aureol was on Tuesday 1st October 2019, arraigned before Magistrate Abdul Sherriff of Court No. 3 on Pademba Road. He was accused of sexually penetrating a 15-year old girl who was his girlfriend. Police Constable F. Kamara prosecuted the matter and led the victim in her testimony against the accused. The witness said that the accused is her uncle’s friend. She said on 14th April 2019, while going to school in her uniform, she visited the accused. She said that the accused was at home and played Nigerian film for her. After that, she said they undressed themselves and lay down on the bed. At this juncture, she was shy to explain what went on. But P.C F. Kamara told her to be brave and continue. She then said they had sex. She said that she felt normal. After the act, she said that she stayed at the accused house for a long time. She said that she arrived home at 4:00 p.m. Upon arrival at home, she said that her uncle quizzed her about her whereabouts. She said that she was scared to tell him, but when he threatened to beat her, she told him that she was with the accused.

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