APC Sec. Gen. says NRM wins the war, but APC has won the battle

The Secretary General of the APC Alhaji Osman Yansaneh has said that even though the delegates conference did not hold, they were able to hold a press conference that gave them the victory because they were able to pass on all the information to the delegates. He said this phenomenon is not new in the APC as in 2002, when they wanted to adopt a new constitution, some members again of the party went to court and they were there for almost three years before the court ordered them to use the same 1995 constitution that has been in place till now. “Again in the last 11 months we have worked tirelessly to put another constitution together that would have replaced the 5th December, 1995 Constitution, but at the last minute the NRM again took an injunction to put on hold the delegates conference that we have spent billions to organize.” Alhaji Osman Yansaneh said all what NRM demanded to be in the draft are there and they made it very clear that the delegates list from 2017 would be used to get it adopted. After the adoption they will then start the process of choosing new executives from Constituency level right up to the national level. This he said they kicked against, which he said was very appalling. The Sec. Gen. said even SLPP are reviewing their constitution as they are using the same delegates from the past election, which they readily accepted and working to get their new constitution in line for the future.

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