APC to seek justice in International Court if…Hon I.B Kargbo assures

The Deputy Opposition Leader of the All Peoples Congress (APC) in Parliament, Honourable Ibrahim Ben-Kargbo, has stated that they will seek international justice at ECOWAS or the European Court if they do not have a fair hearing at the High Court on appeal cases of their Members of Parliament (MPs). “The process used is against the rule and most unacceptable … we see it as illegal and therefore we cannot abandon their removal from Parliament,” he said, explaining that as MPs they see it as their responsibility to see that the rule of law prevails in society. The Deputy Opposition Leader said once the Court removed their MPs from Parliament they petitioned the act as they still believe in the rule of law. He disclosed that the Courts have informed them that they have assigned a panel of Judges to look at the cases which they expect to be done. He assured that once those cases were called, the APC strongly believes they will win all of them but have realised that there were lots of feet dragging on the cases, delays, which according to him ‘is most unacceptable’. “Our position on those cases until this time is that we will insist our MPs are returned to Parliament … we will never abandon their cases,” he said, assuring that they have satisfied all the required processes for the appeal and if they fail to reinstate their MPs “nothing will stop us from going to international courts.”

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