APC welcomes bail issued to their members

The Publicity Secretary of the All Peoples Congress (APC) Sidi Yaya Tunis has told Awoko that the party welcomes the bail issued to their two members Herbert George Williams and Abu Bakar Daramy after spending over nine months in Pademba Road prisons. He said they are happy that they have now been released on bail and they will make sure that they have medical treatment that will help them regain their health and build them up mentally. He said the party lawyers have been working on their bail since they were incarcerated, but it is only now that they have been granted. He said they will not relent as they will continue to push for Maj. Rtd Palo Conteh too to have his bail granted after he was in court on Wednesday.

“We want to make sure that all of our members that have been in police custody, we will continue to follow the law and apply for bail and hope that we can get them all out as the cases continue as they are not flight risk nor do they pose any threat to the state.” He said the entire party leadership was very happy on Wednesday and they will meet with them soon to talk to them and help them rebuild their lives because they are part of the APC family. Also the leader of the party in Parliament who was in charge of the party’s welfare in the Western Area Hon. Chernor Bah said he was very happy that they have been released because he described them as “live wires” of the region and the party as a whole.

He said former Mayor, Herbert George Williams and Abu Bakarr Daramy are building blocks of the party and their continued stay behind bars is an example of fortitude to fight for democracy. The Leader of the Opposition refused to comment on the merit of the case, but says he believes the APC Comrades will walk free as against all the Charges levied against them given he had known them over decades and what they are good at, he maintained is to serve their communities and the country at large. “A part of me had been with them and their release is a relief for me, as since they were behind bars I have not been having good sleep and always praying that this day will come when they will be out to join us in the democratic struggles.” AT/7/8/2020