Armed robbers terrorize Leicester Road Tree Planting community

“In June, thieves came to my shop twice at night. The first time they stole goods worth Le4 million and the second time they stole items worth Le3 million including my mobile phone, which cost Le2.5million,” said Tamba D. Sumana, a timber and building material dealer. He said that in July 2019, robbers came to their community in broad daylight wielding machetes. ”People had to run indoors to protect their lives,” he added. “I reported the matter to the Mountain Rural Divisional Police Headquarters (Acorn Police Station),” he said. The Deputy Crime Officer at the Mountain Rural Divisional Police Headquarters, Detective Sergeant Abdu Dumbuya, said their station reported the highest number of robbery cases in the Western Area. A provision and stationery shop owner, Tamba Bandagbara, said thieves came to his shop on Thursday 5th September 2019, and carted away provisions, ledgers and other goods. He said he could not report the matter to the police.

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