…As children narrates their physical assault ordeal at the COI Evidence from Blyden’s Facebook page shows it was planned

At Commission 65 before Justice Bankole Thompson, five children have testified on how they were physically assaulted by unknown men they believed were hired by the former Minister of Social Welfare, Gender and Children’s Affairs, Sylvia Olayinka Blyden. During examination in chief of the first State Witness Ibrahim Khalil Sesay from the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) Family Support Unit (FSU), he was shown exhibit (MSW) V and W which are print-outs from Blyden’s Facebook page. State Counsel Robert B. Kowa asked him if it was part of their discovery during investigation and he said yes and what they saw appears to be words written by Blyden. At which point Blyden who is representing herself as person of interest before the Commission stood up and asked why is the witness reading from the document when it has not been tendered. Lawyer Kowa then informed the Judge that the document has already been tendered and identified. “But, you normally ask me” Blyden told the Judge and the Judge replied that he asked and she said she is not objecting to these documents and Blyden answered “not for this exhibits.”

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