As technology improves prostitution increases

The practice of engaging in relatively indiscriminate sexual activity, in general with someone who is not a spouse or a friend, in exchange for immediate payment either with Money or other valuables is known to be prostitution. Prostitutes may be female or male or transgender, but historically most prostitutes have been women and most clients have been men. The presence of technology has changed the way we think, communicate and plan events with friends. It’s no secret that technology is important and it has lots of benefits and detriments it brings to social relationships. Let’s take a closer look at the benefits first and then move on to the problems that technology causes in the increase of prostitution in Sierra Leone and Africa as a whole. The writer of this article started by appreciating and thanking the developer of the new technology like WhatsApp, Facebook Instagram and many more, as we can now chart, see our relatives and love ones that are far from us, moreover we can also share our stories on Facebook for friends and families to like and comments on our status. One of the detriment to the technology especially WhatsApp is that several social media platform has been created by young people in Sierra Leone as a way of bringing themselves together for different reasons, few of which may be positive but most can be negative.

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