Awoko Tok Tok Lawlessness – Police Clueless

Just last week we flagged the issue of youthful unlawfulness getting out of hand. We did particularly ask the question “Are we waiting for these youths to unsuspectingly attack a VIP with an armed guard, triggering a shoot out and possible death for us to realise that we needed to have addressed these issues?” The events this past weekend at the home of the Deputy Internal Affairs Minister is as close to reality as the question we asked. Thankfully the youth did not die. But it clearly demonstrates the increasing bravery of the youths. We did say that the youths were becoming braver, and if reports are to be believed, then the fact that the youths did not run away after the police officer fired warning shots in the air, but instead advanced towards him causing him to fire at the feet of one of them, shows how close we are coming to the breaking point. The incident at Hannah Benka Coker street is another example, where the police were completely clueless on what to do. They could not make up their mind whether it was the APC youths who started the first altercation during the funeral of an SLPP member or whether it should be the SLPP youths who saw the second funeral of a perceived APC supporter as an opportunity to revenge. They appeared caught in between and running from the stones. The more worrying aspect is that these youths are no longer the remnants of the RUF/AFRC rebel war. Those ones are older men now, and way past their 20’s which is the average age of the offending youths now. This appears to be an upcoming breed, albeit funded by politicians whom the Police are allowing to develop by reason of their acts of ‘omission.’ We say by omission because our tax payers money has been used to equip the police with riot gears. Helmets, shields, gloves and batons. Surely police officers wearing these gears would not be running away from stone throwing youths. Furthermore thousands of dollars was spent in purchasing special riot vehicles equipped with hot pressure water. Whatever happened with those vehicles which we have never ever seen being used? Is it that they were scraps from inception? Should the ACC not start investigating the police about the equipment they have bought which appear to be only on paper? Where are the riots gears? But infact are the police properly trained to handle riots any more? They appear to be blankly clueless in handling these issues preferring to sit back and happily allow the public to blame it on politics.

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