Babies delivered by torchlight

A hut made of mud and fence sticks with a rusty, leaky rooftop is the Gelehun Maternity Community Health Post (MCHP). This seemly health facility caters to eight surrounding villages, which are miles off; and provides medical services for a total of about 3,284 residents from these villages. However, in these villages the first light a baby sees is the glare of fire from a candle or a bright torchlight radiating from a Chinese phone. Maternity Child Health (MCH) Aid, Bendu Sheriff, at the Gelehun MCHP, explained that the structure is dilapidated and there is no electricity. “When we want to do delivery at night we had to use Chinese light or our mobile phone torchlight.” For many years Sierra Leone has been on the bottom rung of the UN Development Program’s Human Development Index because of its poor health indicators. Nine years ago, there were 1,800 mothers dying for every 100,000 live births and 286 children under five dying for every 1,000 live births, the highest global levels globally. Mother and child mortality rates were unacceptably high, due largely to poor healthcare services and difficulties in accessing and using those services. However, the reason for these morbid statistics is the limited use of their healthcare services basically because of relatively high medical fees; Run-down facilities, that lack basic equipment and inadequate medical supplies and demotivated and underpaid staff.

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