Bible Society launches “the right use of power”

The Bible Society in Sierra Leone on Friday launched a fourteen-page booklet entitled “The right use of Power” at the British Council hall in Freetown.
According to Herbert George-Williams who was chairman of the launch, the launching of the booklet was timely. He said, “[it] is a roadmap for people who are vying for power.”
Mr George-Williams noted that the churches in different countries had been serious media governments listen to but that the c church in Sierra Leone had been silent especially on political issues.
He however lauded the efforts of  the Bible Society for speaking out through the booklet , putting “power in its right perspective”, which he also described as a “wake up from lethargy of the church” to address political issues.
Mr George Coleridge Taylor, who gave the keynote address, said “there is the evidence of the misuse of power in our society; violence against women, administrative misuse and governmental excesses and that all of these misuse wreck cumulative destruction on the subordinates”.
He maintained that, “the litmus test on the right use of power is how it can be applied in words and deeds”, pointing at the Bible Society’s booklet with multitude of references from the bible as a roadmap for the future in our politically charged environment. He also warned that the “wrong use of power is a recipe for destruction”.
The booklet was officially launched by Ebun Thomas who maintained that indeed power was being misused in Sierra Leone but that the booklet was a manual to teach everyone how to handle power.
The fourteen-page booklet received acclamations from several reputable institutions including the Council of Churches and Campaign for Good Governance (CGG).