Burning garbage is on the rise in Mountain District

The residents in the Mountain District have resorted to incineration of garbage they generate daily. Since October, the lorries assigned to collect and dispose of the garbage removed from people’s homes during the National Cleaning Day (NCD) have stopped coming. Marian Sankoh, said one evening in October, a town crier of Gloucester went around the village informing the people that the vehicles that were coming to collect our refuse during the NCD has stopped so people should not come to the street with their garbage. “This has caused many people to burn their garbage during the evening at the back of their compounds or roadside,” she added. “The atmosphere in the evening is full of smoke in the villages,” said Sorie Kanu. He said most compounds have adopted the practice in the villages to reduce the pile of their garbage as there are no designated dumpsites in the mountain villages. The Councilor of Constituency 112, Ward 395, Zachariah Kanneh, under whose jurisdiction part of the mountain villages fall, said the villages have no available community land to create a dumpsite. “Sanitation should be private,” he said. People should pay for their garbage to be collected in their homes and thrown away. He said devolution of power should be implemented to enable the councils successfully implement their development plan.

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