CCYO wants street children to access school

The director of Concern for Children and Youth Organization (CCYO), George Freeman, has revealed that there are hundreds of street children who are exploited and abused and have no access to education.
He pointed out that this situation was increasing the illiteracy rate in the country.
George Freeman, who was addressing a press conference at the Amnesty international headquarters in Freetown, said that the vulnerability of street children in Sierra Leone had led to a spate of violations in all spheres of society.
He noted that children and teens had become preys of drugs barons, human traffickers and brothels due to poverty or the lack of family support.
The CCYO director said thousands of street children wanted protection and care but that it was not forthcoming, pointing out further that many were orphaned and had nowhere to go, while others were from troubled families and needed help.
Mr Freeman stated that to salvage the predicament of some of these children, CCYO had cause to meet children in the streets to share their experiences so that formidable plans to solve their problems would be mapped out.
George Freeman said they were embarking on a short term project which aims at gathering information, making it public for the general improvement and sustainable development of children and youth nationwide.
CCYO is a local NGO established in 2006 predominantly to go into the streets and slums to examine the reasons why these children are in the streets.