Chinese Medical Team performed major operation

The 21st batch of Chinese Medical Team at the Jui hospital has done a major operation on a lady having a major abdominal problem. The lady who had the operation done and is now recovering very well said she is happy for the life saving operation and the medical team must tell the world that Sylvia Thompson was the patient that has been saved. “I will never make it without the help from these Chinese doctors, and I hope they will save me as I trust them and gives them the go ahead to treat me”  This was the statement made by her before the operation.” Dr Kamara advised her that she needs a surgery after he noticed the severe situation. He called Dr Lin Chen to take over and save her life. When Sylvia was brought to the hospital Dr Lin Chen without any hesitation started the diagnosis and discovered that she has, incarcerated linea alba hernia accompanied by small bowel necrosis. Dr Chen said she needs emergency surgery that should be performed immediately to save her life. She was in the condition of infectious shock due to necrosis of intestine, her heart rate was rather high and blood pressure was lower than 80/50mmHg. After three days the surgery was done and it was successful.  Sylvia, a nurse working in another hospital, has a reducible hernia since she was young. After the diagnosis of incarcerated traumatic abdominal wall hernia was made and emergency operation was performed by Dr Chen. At surgery, disruption of the fascia and the peritoneum at the linea alba and the necrotic incarcerated small intestine were found. No injuries of other intra-abdominal organs were seen so that the resection of the small intestine and direct suture closure for hernia repair were performed.

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