Development projects underway to strengthen MRU

 During the 46th celebration of the Mano River Union (MRU) Secretary General Ambassador Medina Wesseh said a number of programs are clearly underway with major development partners. She said they hope these projects will positively inspire and impact the lives of the 50 million people in the MRU. “The recently signed new co-sponsorship agreement between GIZ and the European Union toward enhancing the regional approach to the Kimberly process and searching for alternative livelihood for artisanal miners and their communities is underway. Amb. Wesseh said MRU and GIZ signed a Memorandum of Understanding to assist the MRU in its coordination role in monitoring strict compliance and adherence to the Kimberly Process. The Kimberly process she said gained recognition at the UN 69′ Plenary Meeting held on 10th March, 2019 in New York with special reference to the MRU Model as the best for the region. “The MRU is paying close attention to issues of climate change and the attending crisis to human kind. As you may be aware we have in our sub region the third largest remaining forest cover in the world.”

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