Dr Samura Kamara calls for calm in the party

In an interview with former flag bearer of the APC Dr Samura Kamara he called on all members to control their anger and not to do anything that will put the party in an ugly situation. He said he is not happy for what NRM did but they thought that is the process they would follow to be recognized by the party. He said even though the convention did not take place, the party hierarchy was still able to organize a press conference that made up for the failed delegates conference. “I am appealing to our members not to take the law into their hands. The party executive is more than able to control the situation and I am optimistic that when they go to court on Friday they will be able to overturn the injunction and the party will move on with its activities.” He said he never dreamt that NRM would go to the extent and take such an injunction against the party, but said the deed has been done so they have to move on and see how they can remedy the situation. Dr Samura Kamara said the party is no stranger to these controversies as it has happened before, but they overcame it and they are still considered a formidable force in Sierra Leone. This again he said they will overcome and the party will continue to play its role. On his New Year message the former flag bearer said he has the backing of the party executive and the speech was done on behalf of the party because all what is going on now is counterproductive of the country economic growth.

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