Education Ministry adopts ICT as core subject

The Ministry of Basic and Senior Secondary School, in a public notice, on 13th November 2019, revealed information and communication technology will be taught in primary and secondary schools as a core subject, alongside math, English and science, beginning in January 2020. The Ministry’s announcement came shortly after the appointment of David Sengeh as Minister of Basic and Senior Secondary School. ICT will be taught from class one to JSS class three, and as elective from JSS three to SSS three. The textbooks to be used were written by Daniel Adrian. In addition, the Education Ministry believes that the use of ICT as a core subject is very important for teachers and students to operate, store, manipulate, and receive information, encourage independent and active learning and self responsibility for active learning and also motivate teachers and students. Moreover, the notice stated that the adoption of ICT into the teaching and learning environment provides more opportunities for teachers and students to work better in a globalized digital age. There was no mention as to who will teach these classes as many current teachers are not qualified in ICT.

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