Education stakeholders to be engaged on Fibre Technology

With the introduction of the 1st Human Resource Management Seminar, the Managing Director of Sierra Leone Cable Limited (SALCAB) Ishmael M. Kebbay assured all he will be engaging the Ministry of Tertiary and Higher Education on the importance of fibre technology. This he maintained will be a way of encouraging them to see how they can incorporate fibre technology into a specific discipline in the University curriculum. The Human Resource Management Seminar was organised by the Business Administration Department at the Institute of Public Administration and Management (IPAM) at the Multi Purpose Hall, Aberdeen as a way of exposing year one students to real life activities. According to him, Digital Human Resource Management involves planning, implementation and use of digital technologies to support human resources activities including payroll processing, maintenance of attendance records, compensation, and performance management among others. He disclosed the development of artificial intelligence, digital transformation and ubiquitous automation known as the ‘fourth industrial revolution’ create real opportunities for companies to concentrate their activities on core competence, ignoring those outside the ecosystem. The SALCAB Managing Director, disclosed that the intensive introduction of digital technologies involves three main areas that in one way or the other affects the staff: transforming of customers service quality; transforming of operational processes; and transforming of business models. “The global human resource management sector is projected to reach $30bn by 2025,” he disclosed, explaining that improving in information technology, predictive analytics, artificial intelligence and machine learning in HR processes enable professionals perform traditional practices easily and in a timely manner.  “Transformation is underpinned by a digital mindset that is a unique interplay of technology, people, and process, and technology can also be used to vastly improve HR processes for employees and Managers, resulting in a snowball effect of positively paving the way for even greater digital transformation within a business,” he said. He said digital transformation aims to create an agile organization that is ready to change as technology keeps advancing, adding that technology will always be ahead of the curve as organizations try to catch up. “This year, SALCAB will be going to the different campuses to explain about fibre. Today in Sierra Leone presently, we have these mobile companies using fibre technology and we have to always bring in experts from Ghana, India and other countries to work on our fibre.” According to him, the only way they can change this trend is by engaging officials of the Ministry of Higher Education to see if they can incorporate Fibre Technology in the curriculum in years to come.
According to Hassan Mansaray, who is an HR Expert, the Seminar is timely and necessary to demonstrate some amount of practicality to the students, who most times are in class being taught theories. He explained that the old industrial revolution requires money as a source of motivation whereas presently one has to enjoy what he/she is doing on a daily basis, disclosing HR is more about managing people presently. The Dean, faculty of Management Sciences, Ezekiel Duramany-Lakkoh, disclosed that everyone is complaining about lack of access to finance for not doing business, failing to realize that with strategic planning they can create funds for themselves. According to him, the capacity of workers should be properly looked into to ensure effective service delivery, maintaining the issue of Human Resource is in a quagmire. Speaking on the recruitment and selection process, Prince Alex Soriba, said lack of competent recruitment plans, use of old and ineffective recruitment methods, lack of well defined job description, lack of selection interview skills and patronage affects the smooth operations of most organisations.

By Alhaji Manika Kamara

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