Emergency disease surveillance must be strengthened more than ever-Dr. Mohammed Vandy

The Director of Health Security and Emergency (DHSE) at the Ministry of Health and Sanitation (MOHS), Dr. Mohammed Vandy, has disclosed that there was still the need for health stakeholders to strengthen the country’s disease surveillance activities despite current efforts by the Ministry and partners. He made the statement on Wednesday 4th September 2019, during the weekly health security briefing which took place in Bo, during one of the sessions in a two day consultative meeting on the reduction of the impacts of animal bites in the country. Dr. Vandy however noted that there had been considerable improvements in efforts to handle disease emergencies in different parts of the country through a digitalized system. “We now have electronic reporting tool for reporting emergencies in different parts of the country,” Dr. Vandy pointed out. “And this is working well for us in doing our work despite some challenges.”

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