Ethics committee called to action… As “indiscipline” by MPs overwhelms Sierra Leone Parliament

Tuesday 26th November 2019 parliamentary sitting was brought to a grinding halt after it was known that majority of MPs had not taken their seats in the well to commence the business of that day.  It was past 10:00 am and the Speaker of Parliament, Honourable Abass Bundu had taken his seat as always (since the Bo Declaration was signed recently amongst various political parties in parliament). The issue of lateness of MPs in the Sierra Leone Parliament was first flagged up on Tuesday’s sitting by the MP representing Constituency 46 in Koinadugu District, Honourable Daniel Koroma. The issue had also been raised by the Speaker, Hon. Bundu during a sitting recently. It could be recalled that the Speaker himself had described the practice of MPs’ ostensibly incessant lateness as “perennial”. The concern of Hon. Koroma was that despite discussions on the matter of the not-too-cool habit of MPs attending sittings late had been addressed during the previous siting, the situation was yet to improve for the better. “It seems as if no change is taking place in respect of discipline of members of this noble house,” he noted. Hon. Koroma furthered that MPs needed to lead by example. “Being an MP does not make us super humans, so as humans; representatives of the people we are not above discipline, otherwise this parliament is getting down, down and down,” he asserted. The Acting Leader of Government Business, Honourable Matthew Sahr Nyuma noted that MPs were representing the people and toed the line of Hon. Koroma that they should lead by example as Honourable Members.  “We need the Ethics Committee to start working by taking disciplinary action against MPs. It is very necessary because there is so much indiscipline amongst MPs,” he stated.

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