“FANT-SLE is a blessing not only to football but to communities” – Osman Kamara

The Public Relations Officer of Football for A New Tomorrow-FANT Sierra Leone (FANT-SLE), Osman Kamara, has said FANT-SLE is a blessing not only to football but to communities. He made this statement when the organisation donated football and food items to ten communities. According to FANT-SLE Accountant, Bob Rogers, funds to implement the DERF project was originally meant for other purposes, but with COVID-19 affecting sports and other activities they decided to talk to their partners in Denmark regarding the project, and they gave them the go ahead approval. He said their budget is limited to December.

“We are not only donating food items to the children but we also have what we call the ‘Child Care Meeting’ which will see our staff meet with the parents of these children so that whenever they get sick it will be FANT’s responsibility to take care of their medical bills for six months. They will be visiting these children frequently; the reason behind that is that we want to make sure the children are safe, especially the girl child, who are prone to abuse during these trying times.”