Finance Ministry disburse Le4.6bn to Traditional Leaders

The Ministry of Finance has disbursed Le4.6 billion (Le 4,612,500,000) as remuneration to Paramount Chiefs, Regent Chiefs, Chiefdom Speakers and Western Area Tribal Headmen for the second quarter (April, May and June) of Financial Year 2020. It can be recalled that the Government Budget and Statement of Economic and Financial Policies for the Financial Year 2020, announced an increment in the remuneration of all Paramount Chiefs, Regent Chiefs, Chiefdom Speakers and other Chiefdom functionaries as well as Western Area Tribal Headmen effective April 2020. To fulfill this pronouncement the government has commenced the payment of this increased remuneration effective April 2020. In this regard, total remuneration for Paramount Chiefs/Regent Chiefs has increased from Le1.1 billion per quarter to Le2.94 billion per quarter or from Le 4.4 billion per annum to Le11.8 billion per annum.

Similarly, quarterly remuneration for Chiefdom Speakers has also increased from Le798 million per quarter to LeI.7 billion per quarter or from Le3.2 billion per annum to Le6.8 billion per annum. Also, total quarterly remuneration for Western Area Tribal headmen has increased from Le6.72 million per quarter to Le48m per quarter or from Le26.88 million per annum to Le192 million per annum. In addition, the implementation of the policy statement to other Chiefdom functionaries such as Central Chiefdom Admin Clerks, Chiefdom Admin Clerks, Chiefdom Police Inspectors, Sergeants. Corporals and Police Constables, is predicated upon the conduct of a Chiefdom Councils Staff Audit and Biometric verification, which will be conducted by the National Civil Registration Authority (NC RA).

These policy actions the Ministry says are consistent with the Government’s strategy to improve Chiefdom Governance and strengthen Chiefdom Councils. Finally, these actions are expected to boost the morale of Chiefdom Council functionaries and positively impact on service delivery at that level.

By Zainab Iyamide Joaque