FINIC designs Palm Fruit Thresher

FINIC (Fomel Industry & National Industrialization Centre) as a technology generation Enterprise, has been very proactive in designing and constructing equipment for Palm Oil Processing in the past 10 years. It will be recalled that FINIC had designed effective and most efficient manually operated palm oil machines that are now changing lives across the country particularly in Kailahun District. According to Foday Melvin Kamara, Managing Director of FINIC, mechanized systems had also been developed with capacity to process between 1 to 5 tons of Fresh Fruits Bunches in an hour. Two units were installed in Moyamba District 10 years ago and they are still operational. The latest technology in the chain of technologies for the processing of oils of the palm tree is the Palm Fruit Thresher. Among the most difficult processes of getting the palm oil is the threshing of the palm bunches. It retards the process of palm oil making as it is painstaking, and many a time, very hazardous. FINIC took the challenge to design and construct through technology a machine that would make the threshing of the bunches easy and none hazardous and at a very fast rate – 2 tons of fresh fruits bunches per hour. Explaining the technical narrative about the FINIC Palm Fruits Thresher, Kamara said that it is the first of its kind for Palm Fruits Threshing ever designed and constructed in the world. “Its design features are unique as its principle of operation. For an off grid operation, it is powered by a Diesel engine of 8 Horse Power but can also be run by an electric motor where necessary” he said.

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