Government spends over Le67b to feed over 4,000 prisoners

There are over 4,000 incarcerated prisoners across the country. According to John L. Coker of Prison Watch, the high crime rate and Magistrates refusing to grant bail to accused in minor matters is the reason for the high incarceration rates. On Monday 7th October 2019, Coker said there are 4,616 prisoners across the country. Coker said the cost for feeding each prisoner is Le16,000 per day. Over Le67 billion per year is spent just on feeding prisoners. He said if the judiciary adheres to the Bail Regulations of 2018, especially for minor offences, and stops restrictive bail conditions, it would save the Government billions of Leones. In Kenya, Article 49(1)(h) of their Constitution gives an arrested person the right to be released on bond or bail, on a reasonable condition, pending trial. The Minister of Finance, Jacob Jusu Saffa, had earlier said that Government generates about Le450 billion per month and over Le200 billion goes to wages/salary. Other domestic problems have a very huge burden on the revenue generated.

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