Health Network SL calls for policy on alcohol use

The Executive Director for the civil society on health, ‘Health Network Sierra Leone,’ Robert Kondema Kargbo said there had been an excessive abuse of alcohol among the younger population of the country because there had not been a policy to control it’s consumption. He made the statement on Wednesday 2nd October 2019 in marking the ‘World No Alcohol Day’ with the theme ‘Stop Abusing Alcohol to Prevent Violence for National Development’. “The frustration is that while efforts are readily in place to improve on the health sector, the abuse of alcohol continues to undermine such efforts by killing potential workforce, as the practice is common among young and productive age groups,” Kargbo noted. He added that most of the alcoholic products were being purchased by young people, either for their use or the use of their elders. “Our aim as a civil society organization is to ensure that, while the factories trade and employ our citizens in the hospitality industry, they themselves see the need to minimize the alcohol contents in their products as part of their corporate social responsibility,” Kargbo reiterated.

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