Immigration to negotiate passport price to adjust to the dollar

With the new Central Bank regulations every contract needs to be done in Leones so with the passport contract being pegged to the US Dollar the Immigration Department is planning to negotiate with the printers for a moderate adjustment to match the dollar exchange rate. The Chief Immigration Officer (CIO), Andrew Jaiah Kaikai says that when he was appointed the price of a passport price was tagged at US$100 which was equivalent to Le750,000 at that time, but now the Leones has depreciated. “You will agree with me that the passport price still stands at Le750,000 even though the dollar has increased and we also know that it is a business. The company De la Rue wants to make that adjustment and we cannot hold them at bay for long, so as the fluctuation continues we have to make the adjustments” he explained, whilst presenting their 2020 Budget.

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