Invigilators arrangement not viable for credible exams –FCC report

“The current arrangement for invigilators is not viable for the production of credible examination”, according to one of the recommendations by the Freetown City Council on the 2019 NPSE training and monitoring report. The objectives of the training and monitoring report were to limit examination malpractices taking place in the Freetown municipality and collect data on how to better organize the education department to handle the aspect of education decentralization from central Government to FCC. The report states “the deficiencies are technical, as well as their seemingly inherent culture of corruption, intimidation and collusion. We cannot leave out the unreasonable low remuneration afforded them.” On Thursday 13th September 2019, the FCC had an in-depth discussion with stakeholders in education at the Miatta Conference Hall about some of the irregularities their monitors observed during the May 2019 NPSE. And amongst the issues, which was highlighted in the FCC report and presented to stakeholder in the NPSE data conference was that of the unregistered students turning out for exams during the process.

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