Jewels for Jesus Foundation donates to COVID-19 fight

Members of the public including philanthropists, youth and religious groups, private businesses and government institutions have all yielded to the clarion call of the president for a national ownership and commitment toward containing coronavirus in the country. Since the index case was confirmed in the country to date, the National COVID-19 Response Team has been receiving lots of donations and supports from Sierra Leoneans within and outside the country all aimed at expressing patriotism and resilience in the fight. Also joining the fight, members of the Jewels for Jesus Charity Organization donated coronavirus preventive materials, including 250 bundles of water, sanitary pads, toothpastes, soaps, Veronica buckets among other items, to the National COVID-19 Response Team at their Kingtom Football Academy office in Freetown.

The vice ‘Ladybird’ of the Jewels for Jesus Foundation, Augusta Ademokulay informed that their group is a women gender focused charity organization committed to giving hope to young girls and assisting women and children in need.

She said considering the fact that there are more women and children in most of the quarantine and isolation facilities, they decided to raise funds to purchase more sanitary pads and other items to assist government reach young girls in need that cannot move from isolation. Ademokulay said although their donation is not much, their intention resulted from patriotism, contributing to the national fight, and using the platform to reach girls in need. She said groups like theirs can work more effectively when the country is at peace and free from the coronavirus, adding they had been unable to reach more lives due to the restrictions and fear of being exposed to the disease. She then encouraged the public to adhere to all health precautions.

Harold Thomas from the Risk Communication Pillar said the National Response Team appreciates the young female group, stating: “It is only when you are in need that you will be in the position to identify your friends and those that are sympathizing with you”. He said Sierra Leone has come a long way in the fight, pointing that donations that target women and girls at this time “is timely and of high importance to the fight”, stressing that the donation will touch lives, for which reason they receive them in good faith.


By Mohamed Kabba